Congratulations on your new precious little bundle of joy. I want to help you keep these special memories with you forever by photographing an in studio

newborn stylized session. This style of photography captures your little one in different sleeping or awake poses with fabrics, accessories, and props.

Colors and styles will be customized to your desires.


The session will be held pending your due date. A deposit will be collected to ensure a session is held and a confirmed date and time for the session will

be arranged once baby is born. Your newborn will be 4-14 days old at the time of the session. It will take place in the comfort of my home studio.The

session can last anywhere from 2-3 hours, so please bring all of the baby necessities required to leave your home for an extended period of time. The

environment in my studio is very zen, so please feel free to relax while you are here. Bring a book, a tablet, or even just rest your eyes (for the first

time in days!) while the lights are dimmed, the heat is cranked and shushing white noise plays in the distant background.


Babies love to have full tummies while on set, so please bring plenty of bottles, etc., and yes, my studio is very breastfeeding friendly. If your little one

likes to suckle on a pacifier, please bring one with you to help soothe him/her to sleep while on set.


My studio will be kept very warm and cozy for your little one (sometimes 80+ degrees). This means you may be uncomfortably warm, so be prepared to

take layers off. If desired, you and/or significant other can be in a family scene with the baby. If so, dress in coordinating colors and I will coordinate

your little one to you.


Safety is my biggest concern when handling your newborn. My hands are washed, and your baby is delicately wrapped, rocked to sleep, and posed.

Simple side laying, belly laying, swaddled, and naked poses will be performed. There may be a time or two that I ask a parent to help “spot” your little

one while I turn away to grab an accessory or take a photograph.  My photography is more classy and simplistic. If you have any ideas that you

wanted to capture, or any props that mean so much to you (family heirlooms, etc.) please feel free to bring them. I love incorporating family heirlooms

or customizing a prop into the session!




Session Fee: $200.00

Includes 10 professionally edited digital images

(Additional images available for purchase).


Sessions should be booked before the baby has arrived. A $50.00 retainer will be held to reserve your session. A real session date and time will be 

booked once baby has arrived and you have contacted me with the great news!